Monday, August 6, 2012

example of citation of an ISO standard in BibTeX

This is an example of how to cite an ISO standard in BibTeX:
 author = {ISO},
 Institution = {International Organization for Standardization},
 address = {Geneva, Switzerland},
 Title = {Document management---{P}ortable document format---{P}art~1: {PDF}~1.7},
 number = {32000\char"2012 1:2008},
 Type = {ISO},
 Year = {2008}

Note:\char"2012 from number field is figure dash (‒). The ISO standard above is ISO 32000‒1:2008.


  1. Thanks for the idea with @techreport. It is much better than @misc. Here is how I solved a similar problem:
    type = {Standard},
    key = {ISO 13586:2000(E)},
    month = mar,
    year = {2000},
    title = {{Plastics -- Determination of fracture toughness (${G}_{\mathrm{IC}}$ and ${K}_{\mathrm{IC}}$) -- Linear elastic fracture mechanics ({LEFM}) approach}},
    volume = {2000},
    address = {Geneva, CH},
    institution = {International Organization for Standardization}
    Works great, although you get a warning for not giving an author.